5 Podcasts To Add To Your Life’s Playlist

If you know me, you’ll know that I struggle to complete the simplest of tasks without listening to something, whether that be organising, eating, working out or pretty much everything else under the sun. Sometimes music is an option, I’ll flick through my Spotify and find one of my obscure playlists to pop on, but most of the time it doesn’t quite stick it and I don’t find myself inspired or sat with a great work ethic and that’s where my podcasts come in.

It was back last year (2018) when I fully committed to switching to podcasts, I’m not sure why it took so long but I just didn’t think I had the time to listen to hour long sessions of people talking about things that I didn’t think would resonate with me, but I was completely wrong. Podcasts have been completely different than I expected and I am completely obsessed with them now. There are so many different podcasters to choose from and you can almost always find something that suits you, whether it be informational and inspirational or one that makes you feel like you’re chatting to your best friend over a coffee. And the most important thing for me is that I never feel compelled to sit and listen to the full thing, I’ll quite often start a podcast and it’ll take me a good couple of days to finish it and I’ve come to the realisation that that’s okay.

With so many to choose from, I’ve put together a list of my favourite podcasts that help me do my simple, daily tasks and I hope that at least one of them will become a new listen for you.


Josh and Ryan are all about discussing how to live a meaningful life with less and they are without a doubt my favourite podcasters. I have learnt so much since listening to them and they’ve taught me how to prioritise what’s important to me. Past episodes have including the subjects of letting go of the past (Baggage), Habits, Addiction, Love and my personal favourite – Changes. With over 170 episodes to choose from, you’re bound to find one that suits you and even if you aren’t someone who’s interested in the minimalist movement, Josh and Ryan most definitely provide a different point of view for so many issues that we face today as a materialistic society. You can listen to their podcast here on Spotify.



Ella is someone who I’ve been following religiously for a couple of years now, but it was only back in August last year that her and her husband and business partner Matthew started their podcast. From looking into bettering your physical and mental health to discussing wellbeing, diet, and happiness with top guests from backgrounds such as business and nutrition, their podcast is incredibly inspiring and I always come out of it realising that perhaps something I think is helping me a lot, may actually be detrimental to both my physical and mental wellbeing. Past episodes include ‘Diet Myths Unpicked’ with nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert, ‘How to Break a Habit’ with Shahroo Izadi – a behavioural psychotherapist and ‘Lessons in Happiness from Around the World’ where both Ella and Matthew chat to journalist Helen Russell and discuss different concepts that relate to happiness from all over the world. You can listen here on Spotify.



podcasts 2

This podcast, hosted by Hillary Kerr of Clique Brands and WhoWhatWear is full of chat and conversation with some of the most inspiring women who have made incredible career pivots. The whole podcasts centres around women who are in their ‘second work life’, and sometimes even their third or fourth. With guests such as Jennifer Lopez, Eva Chen, Lauren Conrad and Jessica Alba, I’ve always finished listening feeling so inspired and empowered – a definite listen if your interested in changing careers or if you need a dose of girl power. You can listen here on Spotify.



When it’s in season, I love listening to bloggers’ Ella Gregory and Monica Welburn’s podcast. I truly feel like I’m sat with two friends having a coffee, discussing all things life, love, work and nostalgia. This is by far one of my favourite podcasts if I’m ever in need of a little company or cheering up, both Ella and Monica can without a doubt bring a smile to my face and once the episodes finished, I feel like I’ve been friends with them for years. They take a look at so many different aspects of life such as ‘Taking Criticisms [and] Milestone Pressures’, ‘Pursuing Your Own Path’ and the nostalgias of ‘Look[ing] Back At Our Teenage Years’. What I love most about Ella and Monica’s podcast is that there’s never really a strict subject to follow, with a few different topics discussed in each episode, it feels like a natural listen. You can listen here on Spotify.



Like most people today, I have a rather unhealthy obsession with crime documentaries but I actually find podcasts equally as enjoyable and (sometimes) not as intense. Thin Air is quite possibly my all-time favourite crime podcast because not only is it incredibly well researched, but also always treated with compassion and you can tell both Daniel and Jordan are both incredibly passionate about their work as well as raising awareness for those missing. If you’re also someone who loves true crime too, I could not recommend this podcast enough. The Thin Air podcast can be found here, where you can then listen to it through SoundCloud.

If you listen to podcasts already, which are your favourites? Have I missed any that you think should be on the list? Let me know down below. 

All pictures belong to the Podcasters mentioned in this post, I do not own them in anyway.

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