The Swimwear We’re Loving This Summer

I’m currently sat outside in the comfort of my garden with the suns rays shining down on me and I’ve never felt better. With all this sun and heat we’re currently being blessed within the U.K., it’s hard not to think about going to the beach or that long-awaited holiday we’ve booked. And with that comes the excitement of buying new swimsuits or bikinis – but where do we begin? With so many styles to choose from and wanting them all, it’s sometimes hard to choose our favourites. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing the most loved swimwear for the summer to help get you ready.


  1. Malia Bikini – £70 (view the bottoms here)
  2. Domani Bikini – €128 (view the bottoms here)
  3. Lights out Bikini – $89
  4. Liberty Ruffle Swimsuit – £45
  5. The Louise One-Piece – £148
  6. Shape Enhancing Swimsuit – £26

Now I’ve shared the swimwear we’re loving this summer, what styles and brands are you loving? Let me know in the comments!

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