The Current Beauty Lineup

If you were to tell me I had five minutes to pack a bag with only necessities, these are the six beauty items you’d find packed amongst my favourite book ‘The Tragedy Paper‘ (Elizabeth LaBan), my lifelong teddy bear, my photo album and most likely my two cats. Okay, maybe I wouldn’t be packing beauty items but you get the idea.

As you can see I’m someone who values my skincare much more than my makeup – I’m all for the philosophy that if you treat your skin right, your makeup will do much more with fewer products. Anyway, let’s move on to my favourites…

Dolce & Gabbana ‘Light Blue eau intense’: £77

After working in fragrance for almost a year, I thought I’d found the perfume I’d wear for life (J’adore by Dior). It had been my go-to fragrance for over a year and I never seemed to stray too far from it. But then I was introduced to Light Blue and I just couldn’t shake this new fragrance. I started wearing less Dior and more Dolce and I hadn’t seen it coming. It was completely different from the heavy and warm fragrance I was used to, this was fresh and light and I loved it. I have now accumulated two different sized bottles of the ‘eau intense’, the body lotion and the very latest limited edition version ‘Italian Zest‘ and I don’t plan on stopping there. I now carry this everywhere I go and more so, it’s the perfect fragrance for summer.

Lush ‘Mask of Magnaminty’: £12.50

When I say this face mask has single-handedly saved my skin, I’m not kidding. I’ve been a lifelong sufferer of terrible combination skin and bouts of cystic acne and this is one of the main reasons I’m able to keep on top of it. Now I’m not sure if this is purposely targeted at people with combination skin, but this is one of the only masks I’ve found that doesn’t dry my skin out and neither does it make it produce copious amounts of oil. It intensively cleanses my skin and I literally glow when I take it off. On top of this, I get the most amazing tingling feeling when applying it from the mint ingredients and it makes my face feel fresher than ever. The mint also helps fight spots and eruptions on the face and back so I know I can rely on it in my times of needs. Another good thing to know about this product is that it’s self-preserving so it has an extremely long shelf life (not that it ever lasts long in my house!). Remember to take all of your old pots and bottles back to your local Lush store so they can be recycled!

Clarins ‘SOS Hydra Mask’: £30

And now onto another mask. Admittedly this is not a mask I use every week, but I still class it as something that deserves to be in my beauty lineup. Like I said, I suffer from combination skin and those of you who also have this issue know how hard it is to find the right skincare items that not only combat the dryness but also ones that won’t add to the oil already there. And this mask does just that. It takes the dryness out of my face and due to its gel-like formula it doesn’t add more oil to what is already there. It also targets the dehydration within my face as well (yes – there is a difference between dry skin and skin that is dehydrated and I’ll be writing another post about that later on!). And the best thing about this mask is that if I’m in dire need of a rehydration fix, I can leave this mask on overnight as a thicker night cream!

Giorgio Armani ‘Luminous Silk Foundation’: £42

I’ve tried so many foundations and most of them are still lying half full in my make up drawer. But this is one I will buy and rebuy over and over again. I always went for a more full coverage foundation like the ‘Clarins Everlasting’ or the ‘Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions’ and I always felt too weighed down and they were always too matte for my liking. But then I read a review in a magazine back in 2016 about Luminous Silk and it changed my entire makeup game. The formula is light and creamy and it gave me the satin finish I’d always dreamt off. And most importantly for me, it was buildable. That meant I could mix it in with my moisturiser, Clinique’s Dramatically Different if I was having a good skin day or I could build it for a night out with my trusty beauty blender. I can’t imagine my life without this foundation and it’s something I think we should all be trying!

Clarins ‘Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil’: £19

Quite frankly I love all of the Clarins Lip Oils, I just happened to grab this raspberry one. I love having glossy lips and unlike most glosses, these aren’t sticky and I don’t find my hair sticking to my lips every two seconds. Most of them have a mild tint to them which I love, especially if I just want a simple and natural look, especially for the summer. And even better, the mint one plumps your lips ever so slightly so if it’s amazing if you’re looking for a slightly fuller lip look. Another thing these are good for is layering. If you have a matte lipstick or lip stain, these oils are amazing for popping over the top. Not only do they add shine to your once matte lips, they also hydrate them too. Truly, these are universal and a staple for everyone’s makeup bag.

bareMinerals ‘Skin Longevity Serum’:  £48 

This isn’t actually something I’ve purchased and neither have I been using it very long, which is most likely why I’ve decided to include it in this post. This was the free gift inside this months ‘Beauty Club Card‘ sample box and so far, I am loving it! I pop this on after I cleanse my skin in the morning and at night and it fills my skin with moisture. The difference between this and other serums is that its light. I don’t even realise I’m wearing it but it hydrates my skin all the same and I’m all for that. The serum turns my skin from leather-like to supple in a matter of minutes whilst giving my face a radiant and glowing look. What I love most about this product so far is that it’s an everyday product. Unlike the SOS Hydra (which I still love by the way), I can use this day and night and it gives my skin exactly what it needs – a boost of radiance.

Now that you know my current beauty lineup, what’s yours?

Love Eleanor xxx

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  1. Omg this is so great! Funnily and intimately written, your personality really shines through! Great job and looking forward to reading more x

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